Crossovers: The Opening Exhibition of Budapest Design Week

Where are the boundaries of design today? What happens when designers trespass them, and what are the benefits for others in making use of design’s idiosyncratic thinking? How can the objects around us reflect or even shape today’s questions, dilemmas and new ideas? The Crossovers exhibition of Budapest Design Week  opening this Friday, on the 27th of September explores such questions. 

The more than fifty outstanding works displayed in Budapest Design Week's Crossovers exhibition all expand the field of operation of design through enquiry. One-off pieces, experimental projects and award winning works show how design interacts with scientific research, biotechnology, digital manufacturing as well as traditions, craft and storytelling in shaping the human environment. 

These collaborations among different genres reflect the shifting roles of designers as well as our changing relationship with material culture in the recent wake of network culture and its crises. The opening exhibition presents craft in its original sense of knowing how things work, visualising the crossovers which shape our world today. 

The installation of the exhibition was designed by Minusplus – the architecture design and research office operating in Budapest was founded in 2002; in addition to successful participations in international architecture tenders, they are also well-known about their interior design works in Budapest. The graphic design of the exhibition was created by Hidden Characters, a graphic design duo that has been working together since 2010 and focuses on the visual development of Hungarian and international brands. 

The curator of Budapest Design Week's Crossovers exhibition is Samu Szemerey, with Éva Tornyánszki Éva as the co-curator. 

In cooperation with the Embassy of Israel of Israel in Budapest, the Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest, and the Netherlands Embassy in Budapest.

Details of the exhibition

Budapest Design Week's Crossovers exhibition is open in Design Terminal (1051 Budapest, Erzsébet square 13.) between 28th September and 3rd November, from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 till 20:00. (Free entry!)

Budapest Design Week continues in Debrecen this year

The programs of Budapest Design Week might end on the 6th of October, but the festival continues. Several exhibitions will remain open for weeks, or even months, while with an original collection related to the Budapest Crossovers exhibition, for the first time ever in its history, the festival continues in the countryside. The Natural Studies exhibition opening on the 11th of October in Debrecen's MODEM investigates the boundaries of the body, nature and life with the help of design.

Details of the exhibition

Budapest Design Week's Natural Studies exhibition is open in MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center (4026 Debrecen, Baltazár Dezső tér 1.) between the 11th of October and the 3rd of November 2013. (Open: Tue-Fri, Sun 10:00-18:00 and Thu 12:00-20:00). (Free entry!)